Police Plan Benefit Estimator

This automated pension benefit estimator is designed to give you a fast and easy way to estimate your monthly pension benefit. Please remember that this is only an estimate and is based upon data that you enter. At the time of your actual retirement, your creditable service, final compensation, and benefit amount will be verified by KCPERS staff prior to the payment of any benefits.

In the event of any conflict between the information provided here and the actual provisions of the plan as interpreted by the KCPERS Board of Trustees, the latter will prevail in all cases.

Benefit Eligibility: Please refer to the Summary Plan Description to determine the eligibility for your Tier.

Final Compensation: Generally the average annual compensation over the twenty-four or thirty-six months of service, depending on your Tier, for which you received the highest base salary whether consecutive or otherwise. For retirement system purposes, "compensation" includes only the basic wage or salary you are paid on the basis of your rank and position and does not include overtime pay, holiday pay, shift differential, FTO pay, plain clothing allowance, or any other expense allowances or extraordinary compensation.

Creditable Service: All service rendered as a sworn police officer for compensation. Creditable service includes current membership service and may also include purchases of prior service, military service, and other qualifying public service. Creditable Service for retirement benefit purposes cannot exceed 32 years.

Age at Retirement: Enter the age at which you plan to retire.

Estimate of Pension Benefit
Before making a final decision regarding retirement, you should contact KCPERS regarding the specific benefits applicable to your circumstances.