Member Information provides access to Summary Plan DescriptionsPlan StatutesFrequently Asked Questions and the History of Changes for both the Civilian Employees' Retirement System and Police Retirement System.

The Summary Plan Descriptions provide a brief summary of membership, creditable service, contributions, retirement and survivor benefits, cost of living and supplemental benefits, terminations and resignations, and the retirement board for the two retirement systems.

The Plan Statutes from the Revised Statutes of Missouri are the laws that govern the two retirement systems.

Frequently Asked Questions and History of Changes provide answers to common questions about how the retirement systems work and the changes that have been made to the Police plan since 1946 and the Civilian Employees' plan since 1965. There is also a history of member and employer contribution rates, cost of living adjustments and changes to the supplemental benefit.

The Benefit Estimator allows an active member to assume different amounts for final average salary, years of service, and age at retirement to estimate a retirement benefit based on different assumptions. There are separate benefit estimators for the Civilian Employees' plan and Police plan.

Forms has commonly used forms for active and retired members to update information with the retirement systems.

For members considering retirement, the Partial Lump-Sum Option (PLOP) provides an explanation of how a member can elect to take a portion of their lifetime benefit at retirement in a lump sum payment and then receive reduced monthly benefit payments.

Links to Retirement Resources provides direct access to other websites that may be helpful to our members.